Random Access Memory (RAM) is used as a short-term memory for running applications on your computer. Yes, if your computer is having high amount of RAM installed, it will perform better in handling huge applications or video games as well. DDR, DDR2, DDR3 etc RAMs are available in market but if you want to utilize your currently installed RAM in full swing then you can try resetting or to defragment your installed RAM. Resetting your RAM will definitely boost the performance of your computer (application handling).

defragment ram

Benefits of Resetting your RAM

1. Structure or organize the memory slots of RAM by defragmenting it

2. Frees up wasted RAM

3. More system memory for handling other applications

How to Rest or Defragment a RAM?

As RAM is installed on your computer’s motherboard, you need to install a software to defragment the same. There is a default program available in Windows to defragment hard disk but no default or native program for defragmenting RAM. So you will have to install “RAM Def 2.71 XTreme” to defragment your RAM. Follow below steps to run and reset your RAM,

1. Download and install RAM Def 2.71 XTreme

2. Now customize the settings for this utility. For example, you can set the program to run in background so that you can monitor the free RAM amount. This is spyware free, adware free utility which consumes very less amount of memory.

3. Now click on “Start” to start the defragment process for your RAM. Once the defragment process completes, it will notify you.

This utility or program is helpful for those who are struggling with low system memory (RAM) on their bit older desktop or laptop. This program will definitely help you achieve some extra memory (free) on your current system.

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