Now a days there are lot many URL shortening services and easy to share apps available for desktop, mobile devices and tablets. But if you need a tiny but useful desktop application to share files, links, notes, videos, images, screenshots from your desktop to others thru email, Twitter, Facebook etc. then try Droplr which is available for Mac as well as Windows. Droplr is very famous in Mac World but for PC, Windroplr (Droplr for Windows) is also available which does the same thing.

droplrOnce you will download and install this application on your computer, an icon will appear on the shortcut panel (system tray in Windows) where you just need to drag images, screenshots, URL to get a short URL for that link. For images and screenshots, Droplr creates a short URL for that image by storing them on 1GB free storage provided by them.

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For mobile devices, Droplr is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad. One can easily share links, images by using droplr on iPhone.

droplr window

Droplr on iPod

droplr on iPod

File sharing is also possible thru Droplr as they provide the free storage of 1 GB to each account. Now share files from your Mac devices to Internet, with your friends and family by just drag and drop action. File sharing is also possible on Windroplr i.e. droplr for Windows.

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Video Demo showing droplr for Mac and Windroplr for Windows

Droplr for Mac

Windroplr for Windows PC

Now a days latest browsers are having capability to create short URL for links but the file sharing capability makes droplr real player on web world. Share your favorite file sharing application for Mac, Windows or iPhone.

Droplr for Mac

Windroplr for Windows PC

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