speakersIn a small home office, you may have multiple computers which includes a couple of desktops, one or two laptops etc. We have already shared the trick to share keyboard and mouse with multiple computers and now it’s time to share the common speaker with others on network. Say one of your desktop is having good quality speaker installed which is preferably used for music or media purpose. Whenever you want to listen to good music, you need to turn on that computer to use that speaker. Here is a solution to listen to the music coming from that good quality speaker installed on separate desktop even when you are using another computer. That means you can share that speaker with multiple computers in your Local Area Network (LAN) and enjoy the good music from any computer in your network. This is very much possible even without installing any other hardware, cable etc.

We are talking about a software which gives you control to play music from remotely located computer connected on the same network. Share Speaker Player is a free software to use a common speaker on LAN to play music from anywhere in the network. This way you can save money on buying multiple speakers and even reduce the noise of small or medium size office by installing this software on each computer. Now people can add music in queue and that will be played on certain interval from a single speaker.

Other benefits of Share Speaker Player

– Desktop speakers are more powerful and of good quality. You can use the software to add songs in queue from any workgroup computer in same LAN

– No need to purchase multiple speakers for each computer

– Single software installation required on each computer in LAN. No wires, cables and other hardware required

Go ahead and try this software in your work environment. You need to install this software on the computer having speaker attached and the computer from where you want to play the music.

Download Share Speaker Player

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