Is your Firefox or Google Chrome crashing many times in a day? If answer is yes, then go ahead and try the mentioned solutions to get rid of this crash problem of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. More than 90% times browser crashes because of Adobe Flash supported data on opened sites. So in most of the cases, the main culprit is Adobe Flash Player. There are chances of crash of browser because of other add-on or plugin or extension installed over there.

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How To Solve Crash of Mozilla Firefox

1. Disable “Shockwave Flash” plugin on Firefox to see whether now sites are loading properly or not. To disable flash, go to “Add-on” under Tools menu of Firefox and select “Plugin” tab over there. Scroll down and there you can see “Shockwave Flash”. Hover on that plugin to get “disable” link in right side of the plugin. Once shockwave plugin disabled, reload the websites and other web pages to see whether browser is still crashing. If not, then you will be sure that the culprit is none other than Shockwave Flash plugin.

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2. To resolve the crash problem because of flash plugin, you will have to update the plugin to latest version. To do that, click on “Find updates” link on the same window i.e. Tools ==> Add on ==> Plugins. Firefox will check updates and will show you the report where you can see “Update” link beside the “Shockwave Plugin” on a new window of Firefox. Click on Update to upgrade your Flash Player plugin to latest version. Restart the browser to test again.

firefox plugin upgrade

3. If the problem is still there, uninstall the Flash Plugin and re-install it from Adobe. Download the uninstaller from Adobe to uninstall Flash Player from your computer.

Solve Crash problem of Google Chrome

Google Chrome may also crash because of Flash plugin installed for that. Before re-installing the flash player plugin, you can test the browser by disabling all extensions installed on the browser. You can disable the extensions from “Tools ==> Extensions” page.

To disable Flash plugin on Chrome browser, go to “Tools ==> Options ==> Under the Hood ==> Content Settings ==> Plugins” and select “Do not allow any site to use plugins”. Now reload the page on Chrome and see whether browser is still crashing. If not, then you will have to uninstall Flash player plugin of Chrome and then re-install the plugin from adobe.

If still your Firefox or Chrome browser is crashing on regular basis, post your browser details and flash player version on comments section of this post. We will definitely try to resolve your browser crash problem.

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