If you are having a large file which needs to be send to your friends who is located at some distance from you, you may try Megaupload or Rapidshare like platforms to share your file online. But in that case, first of all you will have to upload the file on these platforms and then tell you friend to download the same. As your computer is connected to Internet, then you may try sending the files directly to your friend using Instant Messengers (IM). But that will again take so much time and memory to handle large files and you don’t have option to download files using Download Manager. Here is a tool to share files from your computer to your friend by using simple sharing technique.

[ad id=’7′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′]If you are connected to Internet, then download this tool named “Orzeszek Transfer” on your computer. You should have Microsoft.NET 3.5 installed on your computer as it is required for the transfer tool to work properly. Once you will download the .EXE file of Orzeszek Transfer, you need to double click on the application to start. There is no need of installation of this tool, just click and play. Now the toll will automatically get your system’s IP address (you may disable that). Now click on “Add Files” to locate the file that you want to share with your friend. This toll will generate the link for that file. The link will have your IP address, Forwarding port number and some text. Keep “Orzeszek Transfer” opened on your computer and send that link to your friend. Once your friend who is having different IP address of course, will start downloading the file, you can see the download status on your computer’s Orzeszek Transfer tool.

Orzeszek Transfer

You may see a popup notification from firewall or Internet security system installed on your computer. Allow that to continue the download process till successful completion. Benefit of sharing large files over this tool is that, your friend can use either browser or Download Manager to download the file. As the download manager handles the link break and discontinuation with to disconnection on Internet etc.in proper way and can pause and resume the download on intervals as well.

You can also try iSendr like service to share files easily through web.

Important – You will have to keep the tool “Orzeszek Transfer” running on your computer till the download completes at your friend’s end.

Download Orzeszek Transfer | Download Microsoft.NET 3.5

Did you find this tool useful for sharing large files online with friends and family members? Post your comments on that.

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