With this desktop tool, you can select a small part of text document or full doc and translate that by single click using Google Translate API. Google has also provided an option to translate any document thru Google Translate, but in that case you will have to upload the document on this page and then that will be translated.

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Here we are talking about a desktop tool which will be installed on your PC and will work as a native software. It uses Google Translate API and can translate documents in so many languages supported by Google Translate. Go ahead and download Transmiti which is a small application (size ~650KB) which is available for free. You can download the application and translate as many documents as you want.

German to English on Transmiti

Hot key option is also available in Transmiti. That means, you can use “Windows key” as hot key for translation and in that case you just need to select the document on say MS Word and press “Win Key”. The document will be translated to your selected language in settings page of Transmiti. Isn’t it the simplest way to translate a document so quickly.

Note: As it uses Google API, your PC should be connected to Internet at the time of translation.

So, by using this tool, you can save time of upload, paste etc. and have a quick translation of required document.

There are lot many other similar tool for document translation. Which tool do you use to translate a document on your computer?

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