In a team activity like meetings, gaming etc., we may need more than one input device say mouse and keyboard. If you directly attach two mouse on your computer, both starts working. But the problem is that you can’t work with your friend on the same PC as whenever you will move one mouse from its place, the cursor will start moving for both the mouse. For a team activity, there should be a separate cursor attached with each mouse so that there will not be any disturbance like distractive mouse cursor movement. TeamPlayer is the software to server your purpose.

TeamPlayer is a multi player input device software thru which you can work with your team using multiple mouse or keyboard where this software will create multiple cursor for multiple mouse. Each mouse will have separate cursor. Now you can use this tiny software in your team meetings, games etc to use multiple / separate mouse or keyboards for such activities.

Demo of TeamPlayer

Limitation of TeamPlayer:

You can attach multiple mouse on your computer and get separate mouse cursor but you can’t work on separate applications at the same time. Which means, other user will have to wait for the completion of activity from his partner. So only one active window at a time.

Download TeamPlayer (30 days Trial)

Rating: 3/5    

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