We come across lot many PDF (Portable Document Format) files on daily basis having price quotations, tutorials, introduction, e-books etc and if you are not having Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, you can use online applications to read the PDF documents without installing Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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There are lot many ways to read Adobe PDFs online. Below are 5 ways to Read PDF files online,

1. Google Docs or Gmail

Google Docs is an awesome online documentation platform from Google. You can use upload option on Google Docs to upload the PDF document and then view that document over there.


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You can use Gmail to read PDF documents. Email the PDF document from your own Gmail ID to your ID only and then open that mail. Click on ‘;View’ button to read the PDF document using Google Docs.


2. Zoho Viewer

Zoho – another online documentation platform where you can use Zoho Viewer to view different type of documents including Word, Excel, PDF etc. Use this free platform to view your PDF document without installing Acrobat Reader



Use this web application to view your PDF document. Upload the document from your computer and then you can see that in action.


4. Samurajdata

Another free web application to view PDF documents online. Read PDF documents on this web application online without installing any software on your local computer.


5. PDFescape

This is also an online application where you can read PDF documents. You can use the unregistered version of PDFescape to use it without any registration.


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