For checking the earlier version of a webpage, you will have to take a look on the cached version of that page. But if you want to take a backup of a web page without depending on the search engines cached version, take a look on the BackupUrl service.

backupurl What you need is, just go to the Backupurl, and enter the URL of the web page for which you need the backup. Click on the “Backup” button at the right bottom corner and you are done. The Backupurl website will generate a link for the backed up page and there you can check the original URL at any point of time.

I wanted to show the pyramid pictures from Camcentral website to my wife and that’s why I took a backup of the webpage.  There was a rick that may be Camcentral guys may remove those pictures in coming days, that’s why I took the backup or even Camcentral page may go down but I will have the images with me.

Once I entered the URL and clicked on the Backup button, Backupurl service provide me a link to the cached page. Now I can show that picture or webpage to my wife at any point of time without worrying about the removal of the content from Camcentral. This is why you should take the backup of a webpage and have a link for the cached page.

backupurl 2

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