This article is for everyone whether you are at level zero or an advance user. Everyone will get benefited from this small piece of work. This article is very much to the point and after reading this article; you will see the difference in yourself.


One basic question: What is Internet?

Here are some answers which I got from people who are not much familiar with Internet or some of them were regular users.

Answer 1: Internet is WWW

A2: Internet means chatting, e-mails, online, games

A3: Internet means a way to earn money while working from home

A4: Time pass

A5: A portal where you can find information on anything and everything

A6: An open community

And so on. Everyone has his own way of looking at Internet but the result is the Internet users are increasing day by day. Do you thing you know Internet very well or you know what other people think about this common portal?

Some important first hand data: World Internet Users by World Regions (Courtesy: Internet World Stats)


World Internet Penetration Rates by Geographical Regions:



We have divided the article in three zones depending on the competency of the user. If you are a beginner then start from Basic Zone, a medium exposed people can start from Standard Zone and last but not the least; the advanced and experienced people who have the knowledge about Internet can switch to Advance Zone.

Basic Zone

Definition of Internet:

The Internet is a group of interconnected worldwide computers using an agreed on set of standards and protocols to request information from and send information to each other. This is an open community where people can share their knowledge or can get the information about anything.

Other definitions of Internet

Pictorial view of Internet:


Picture courtesy: Visual Merriam-Webster

Here you can see the link between your computer and the satellite earth station thru telephone line and ISP (Internet Service Provider). That means once you connect thru the Internet, the connection goes to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and then it goes to the satellite earth station and from there it goes to the other ISPs.

What is ISP?

ISP i.e. Internet Service Provider is a third party which provide you the Internet Connection thru cable or wireless. They have the capability to send and receive the data from earth satellite. They charge you for the same as your monthly Internet usage bill.

There is much information residing on the Internet because it is shared between millions of people. First of all you need to find the way thru which you can get the desired information which you want and the information should be relevant to your search. For example, if you want to get information on “White Tigers” then there should be a medium which will let you search the term “White Tiger” on the Internet. That medium is called Search Engine. Favourite Search Engines on Internet are Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista etc.


Picture courtesy:

You have many options on these search engines; you can search images, text, map, location and so many other things even in your own language. So language is no bar at all on Internet. You can customize your search by going for the customisation option on these search engines. If you want to search the page from your country, then select the button on the search page for “from my country”. That way you can search any kind of information you want. Once you will search for “White Tiger”, the search engine will show you the results from the web relevant to White Tigers. You can click any of the search result and go to the webpage or website where there is some information about White Tigers.

What is Webpage or Website?


As we told earlier that Internet is a community where information is shared between people, which mean you can also put the information over there. The information should be in a format which should be visible on Internet and which should follow some kind of standard. People design a page where all the information which they want to share is catalogued in a proper way. Now you can select the information from the catalogue and go to the next page where the details are provided by the owner of the page. That page is called as Website or Webpage and the owner is called as Website Owner. There are millions and millions of websites on the Internet. How to create a website is detailed in the Standard Zone of this page.

One more question, whether the information which is provided by the website owner is up to date all old? Now you can answer this question. If the website owner updated the information on his page, then what you will get is updated information otherwise the information will be older one. That means the owner can update the information on his website whenever he wants to do that.


Picture courtesy:

What can you do on Internet?

Oh there are so many things that you can do on Internet. If I will start writing all of them, then this blog will have that much content only. Anyway, below are some of the important things which we can do on Internet:

1) email, Chatting, social networking etc

2) Create your own website or blog and share the information

3) Online banking and financial investment or trading

4) Internet marketing of any product because you can see the above data that how many people are there on Internet

5) Earning money thru so many ways. You can have a look on my article “Online money making: Some trusted way to make money online”.

6) Create a software or e-book and sale them on Internet

7) Online Shopping

8) Ticket booking and holiday reservation

9) You can call anyone using VOIP services

10) You have the whole world with you in your small PC, do whatever you want.

The list is very big, so I will move ahead with the next Zone. You will start feeling the thrill of Internet very soon.

Standard Zone

I am assuming that you people are having the above mentioned information with you as you use the Internet so a little long time.

I have the following things with me to share with you folks:

1) How to create a website or blog and how to update that?

2) Which are the best websites available on the Internet?

3) What are the exciting things I know which you don’t?

4) What are the minimum things required to connect to the Internet?

5) How can I earn money online thru Internet?

6) Last but not the least; am I doing good or passing my time?

Start with the creation of the website; for creating a website you require following things:

a) You should select a domain for your website. Domain is a name of your website. If someone is already having a website of the name which you want then you will have to settle down on some other name. Domain name can be, .org,, .uk, .us, .net etc. The regional names, .uk reflects your country and .org is for organization.

b) Website hosting server: This server will host your website i.e. your website or Webpage will reside on this server. A server is a computer which runs 24×7 and connected to everyone on the Internet. There are thousands of web hosting servers available on the Internet, they will charge you with some $ for maintaining and populating your data on their server. Some good web hosting servers are as below:

Host Monster

Blue Host

IX Web Hosting

Go Daddy

Just Host

Yahoo Web Hosting

Host Gator

Dream Host

Host Excellence

c) Website designing tools: Web pages which we see on the Internet are written in HTML. You can see the HTML code of that particular page by right clicking on the page and selecting the option ‘View Source’. There are some tools available thru which you can design your webpage template in the way you want by putting the pictures clip_image008 and buttons of your choice. Some of the favourite tools are Adobe Dreamweaver, WYSIWYG etc. You can complete the website by using these tools and then upload the website on the host server which I explained above.

d) If you want to create a blog, then also you need to get the host first and then select the blogging platform. We will discuss about the blogs in details in the Advance Zone section.

e) You can maintain your website by changing the webpage on the host server. You can upload the latest information on the web host server and link that page with your home page (index.html).

This way your website is on the air and everyone can see that thru your website’s domain name.

Second point, which are the best websites available on the Internet?

To answer this question, I will refer you to some of the important social networking websites where they provide a kind of ranking to the websites or blogs on the Internet. They are as following:



Here you can seen the top rated websites on each section. If you want the best websites on technology area, then select Technology on the page and then select the top rated websites/blogs.

Page Ranking of the website:

The search engine provides a page ranking to the website present on the Internet. The ranking is from 0 – 10. Here 10 is the best and the 0 is lowest. You can check the page ranking of the website by using the Rank Checker tool.

Once you complete the above, you are welcome to the other side of the Internet i.e. Professional Blogging.


Picture Courtesy: Digital Inspiration

Exciting things on Internet:

1) Google Analytic: If you are having a website, this will let you know how many people are looking at it. Try this, very useful for professional Internet Techies.

2) RSS Feed: If you want to send the updates on your website to some people in their email or reader, does that by using RSS feed. Google Feedburner is an example of online feeder. Others are Feedblitz, feed etc. For getting the feel of RSS feed, clicks on the link here and get the feed from Internet Techies to your mailbox.

3) Google Desktop: Read my article “Google Desktop will change the look of your desktop

4) Earn money Online: Try Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher, and Chitika etc on your website and earn money online. There are lots many online survey companies on Internet where you need to enrol for participating into the Online Survey. After completing that, you will be paid for the same.

5) Internet Tools: Refer to the link mentioned here to get the feel of some exciting Internet tools available.

6) Online Games: Play online games from the link:

7) Compare the products before buying them: Read the article

8) You can read the newspaper of any country online, so no need to buy the hard copy at all. Click on the link.

Minimum Things required connecting thru the Internet:

1) A basic configuration computer with Internet Explorer. You can refer to the article on “

2) ISP (Internet Service Provider), you can an ISP easily at your location.

3) If you want a broadband connection; you need a modem for that. You can contact your ISP for the details

With these minimum requirements, you will be connected to the Internet. You can read the article “Things to keep in mind when purchasing a laptop for home application“.  Welcome to the largest open community of the history.

Earn money online

I will discuss the same in Advance Zone with some good techniques.

The question mentioned on the list above that are you wasting your time on Internet? That question should be answered by you at the end of this article.



Advance Zone

Thanks a lot for reading this article till above lines. Now we are in advance zone where everyone knows about ABCPQRXYZ of Internet. I will try to fill the missing letters.

If you are a blogger;

Always follow the following the 10 rules while blogging:

Rule 1: Think about quality and unique content; come up with some good articles

Rule 2: Update your blog on regular basis say daily or hourly

Rule 3: Give time to yourself for creating a good title

Rule 4: Don’t place so many ads on your page that will irritate the viewers

Rule 5: Follow the social networking sites mentioned in the article above.

Rule 6: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is very important for your website. Read the article.

Rule 7: Always provide the option for HTML page when you are creating a page in Adobe Flash

Rule 8: Put Keywords, title, tags in place so that search engine can recognize your article

Rule 9: Link to the best pages available on the Internet but of the same type

Rule 10: Use RSS feed to send the updates in the viewer’s mailbox

Rule 11: Create a good sitemap of your site and upload that on your server. Follow the webmaster tool in google after doing that.

Rule 12: Index your blog on each and every search engine

Wow, now your blog in indexed and that will appear on the Search engine results. Check that by putting your website name on the search engine.

If you are a viewer:

Follow the links below to be updated on the Internet and share that information to others via blog:

Link 1: Google’s official blog

Link 2: Latest Gadgets

Link 3: Popular blogs and websites

Link 4: Microsoft development community

Link 5: Latest News and headlines

Link 6: Software Updates

Link 7: What the other bloggers are doing?

Link 8: How to-s for Software

Link 9: Review of items whether a car, bike or gadgets

Link 10: Gadgets Guide

Link 11: How to get a good job

Link 12: Online Newspaper of all countries

Now we will talk about earning money online on Internet:

There are so many ways of earning money online, you can go thru the article “ “ for getting a feel of some trusted ways.

You can earn money without creating a blog or website.

1) You can do that by filling some forms on the Internet and deliver the same. There are so many companies on the Internet to provide this kind of service.

2) You can sale e-books and get paid with $ for the same.

3) Create ads for the companies and sale them to the website owners. You will get paid from the owner of the company for whom you created the ad.

4) Write some article for other blog owners and get paid for the same.

If you are having a blog:

1) Increase the traffic by proper SEO and get paid from the many ways explained in the article.

2) Review an item and get paid for that.

Follow this blog by subscribing it into your mailbox. We will come up with some good and updated article in future too.



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