Do you pay whooping ISD charges when making a call to your friends in US and Canada from your country? What about calling them for free of charges or just minimal Internet usage charges? Yes, Google’s service will help you doing that, at least in year 2011. Few months ago, Google launched “Call Phone” feature in Gmail to call US and Canada phone numbers from within these countries (as local call). Yeah, actually Google enabled Gmail users based in US to call their friends staying in that country only. But on web, when it is said that the feature is only for US users, that means who are using US IP address, right. What if you get US IP address outside US which is very easy to get. Here is the procedure to get US IP address and use “Gmail Call Phone” feature to call US and Canada phone numbers from outside US without paying any charges i.e. free.


First of all , you should get a US IP address. To get that, you can use any of these free VPN services. I would recommend “Hotspot shield” which is very easy to use and will easily change your computer’s current IP address to US IP address. If “Hotspot shield” is not working for you, you may any other VPN service as well. Once you will connect the “Hotspot shield” VPN, your computer will get US IP, which means now you are a US based user.

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Now go to the page to try “Call Phones from Gmail” feature. Click on that and provide your Gmail credentials. Now you can see a new name as “Call Phone” in GChat window on your Gmail account. Click on that to get a phone number dialer from where you can dial a US and Canada number. Just dial the phone number of your friend, family members who are staying in these two countries and wake them up.

Once your call ended, just turn off the VPN service (i.e. Hotspot shield in case you are using that) to get back to your own IP address. Done, this way you can call anyone in US and Canada from anywhere in the world. Few days ago, Google extended this free call service for the complete year 2011, so you can enjoy this service at least for one year from now.

Post your experience of using this method of calling for free in the US and Canada.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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