If you want to have Mac OS X on your computer but you are not having Mac right now. No need to worry at all, you may change the theme and look of your Windows XP or Vista to make it look like a Mac OS X. There are software which can convert the look of your windows to Mac OS X without adding any adware or spyware. Before installing the software, you may take a look at the demo of the Mac OS X online,

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Demo of Mac OS X

Feel Mac OS X on Windows

Your computer screen will look similar to the demo. Here are the software which can be used for converting the look of windows into Mac OS X,

1. FlyakiteOSX

This is a transformation pack for converting Windows look and feel to Mac OS X. Everything including your control panel, login screen etc will look similar to Mac. Download he pack from here and install it on your computer to get the feel of Mac OS X. The above stated demo is from FlyakiteOSX only. To download the transformation pack, go to the demo by entering your name and ten you can download the file from Download option on top menu bar on demo page.

2. RKLauncher

This is another transformation pack for Windows to Mac OS X. There are features as zooming, minimized windows in taskbar, new application notification and customization thru which you can make your windows PC similar to Mac OS X without investing money on that.

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By using these transformation packs, you can only change the look of your windows. Remember, the OS running on your computer is still windows, so don’t expect it to perform as Mac OS X as well. At least you can use this transformation to amaze your friends and family members for a period of time.

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