Being professional at work is essential to achieve success and at the same time it is really necessary to show that in your daily work. We use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails which is a core of communication on Internet. You can use your business card as a signature in Microsoft Outlook by creating a virtual business card. Here is how to create a business card in Microsoft Outlook to use that as signature in new email or replies.


How To Create Business Card In Microsoft Outlook

To create a Business Card (vCard) in Outlook, Go to the Contacts window by clicking on the Contacts tab at left-bottom corner or Outlook. Click on “New” at top-left corner for new contact. Now click on Business Card option available on Menu Bar. You should have a new window with a form to fill. Fill up the form with the details as Name, Address, Company Name, Phone Number etc. You can also put an image of yours to show it on Card. The preview window at left-top of the form box will show you the preview of the card.

Select Contact To start Creating Business Card


Fill Up The Form To Create Card


You can change the background of the card to have a unique background for all your staff members to to show off your own design. Finally save the card by clicking on the “Save” button on top-left corner of the window.

Attach Business Card Into Signature

First of all click on the Mail tab available on the bottom-left corner above the Calendar option. To attach a business card as signature on new email or replies/forwards, Go to the Tools –> Options window from the Menu Bar. Go to the “Mail Format” tab, and then Signature options at bottom of the new window. Click on “New” signature and then Select Business Card from the Edit bar. Select your newly created business card from the list. Now choose the default signature for your email account as the newly created signature for both “New Messages” and “Replies/forwards”.


You are done with the Signature attachment of business card in Outlook. Now open a new mail from Outlook, You can see your business card attached as Signature at the bottom of the mail. You can also go thru the article on how to insert blog posts in signature.

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