Create a web form in minutes by using Zoho Creator where you get all the benefits of using forms in your blog or website. These online forms are very easy to create and manage. We had already discussed the form creation by using Google Docs.

Zoho provide you some templates and design to give a new look to your form and you can also choose from different options to get the submitted data.



  • Easy and intuitive drag-n-drop interface to help you design your web form in minutes.
  • Set of readymade templates for you to get started quickly
  • Add actions to your web forms such as data validation, e-mail notifications easily.
  • Track online form activity using RSS feeds, download the web form records as PDF or read them as an HTML
  • Embed the online form to your website/blog and make your website more dynamic.
  • View the collected data in multiple formats.

You need to put a simple <iframe> code to get the form on your blog. The simple embedded form will appear as below,
You can create a relation forms or employee search forms by using this tool as well. You can customize the form for your usage and get the data in database or mailbox.

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