Add-ons are provided to enhance available features of browser. For example, Google Chrome is having extensions and in same way, Internet Explorer is having add-ons. But if you are using lot many extensions or add-ons for your browser, you may face slow startup on that browser. In that case, you need to disable unwanted add-ons and reduce the load on the browser.

Internet-Explorer-9Important point – Each and every add-on installed on the browsers consumes extra system memory. You can check that for Google Chrome thru the task manager of Windows.

Here is the way to disable add-ons on new released Internet Explorer 9 which is in beta right now. If you are using IE9 beta, then here is the procedure to disable add-on and boost startup time and speed up your browser as well.

How to disable add-ons on IE9

1. Go to settings option available on top-right corner of the Internet Explorer

add-ons ie

2. Click on “Manage Add-ons” option available in the menu list

3. Select the particular add-on which is not compulsory for your work or is/are not required. Now click on the disable buttons available on the same window. If you want to enable some add-ons then you can do the same from the same window

add-ons options ie

You can’s disable multiple add-ons on single click. So you will have to disable add-ons one by one. I hope this small tutorial will help you in disabling the add-ons on Internet Explorer 9.

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