fireftp_logoFTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to upload the files from local server to the host server so that everyone can browse your webpage or blog. When you opt for hosting your web page on a web host server, they will provide you a FTP platform where you can do the download and upload of the files. There you will have to login to the “Control Panel” and then choose for “Unlimited FTP”. That process is a bit complicated and takes so much time. That’s why we use third party FTP to do those stuff on a single click.

Third party FTP is a setup where you can use the FTP on a single click that means the time consumption reduced by a good amount. If you are a Firefox user then there is a plug-in called FireFTP which is a very powerful FTP plug-in to accomplish this task.

FireFTP will let you do upload and download the files from your local machine to the FTP server without any issue. This is a free tool which you can download from here.

Below is the Installation Process explained,

  • Download the FireFTP xpi file.
  • Install the plug-in in your Firefox, Go to the “Tools” tab and click on the Add-ons. Below screenshot will explain you the procedure for doing so,


  • Locate the downloaded xpi file from your server to install that. Add-ons list will show you the install button.


  •   Once the installation process will get completed, you will have to restart the browser. After that you can see the new tab under Tools as “FireFTP”.  Click on that “FireFTP” button to get the FTP window.


  • Now configure the FireFTP for your web host server access. You will have to get the host name and USER-ID password for accessing third party FTP client. That is very simple by using “FTP Account” option from Control Panel of the Web host. Probably Host name will be your login ID for the web host.


  • The Access form will get open which will have “host name”, USER-ID, Password. Fill that form to access the server data.


  • Now you will get the FTP window configured for your account. Click on the “Connect” button near the server account name at the left-top corner of the window. Once you got connected, the below screen will get open where you can see the files from your local machine as well as the host server.


  • Enjoy the transfer of the data on a single click.  Once you are done with the change and transfer, just click on the “Disconnect” button to shut-down the FTP process.

I hope the explanation was simple and sufficient, kindly let us know your feedback or suggestion to improve the style and depth of these kind of tutorials.  For regular updates from this blog, Please subscribe for the RSS feed.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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