global_translator_logo We have already discussed that how important it is to have translation option on your blog or website as more than 65% Internet users uses a language other than English. WordPress users should not worry about putting Google translator, Yahoo or AltaVista translation tool to their blog because they a plugin called “Global Translator” which translates the blog into more than 50 languages.

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You can customize the look of the translation flags and layout by choosing the number of flags in a row. Actually it shows the flags in a table where you can specify the number of flags in a row and then choose the number of flags. You should know the territory where you can expect the traffic to come to your blog. It depends on the niche of your blog as well.

Global Translator cache the translated pages on your server and shows the pages really fast. It provides options to choose from “Google Translation Service”, “AltaVista Babel Fish”, “Free Translator”, “Prompt Online Translator”. Choose any of the services and provide option to translate your webpage.

As the cached pages of translated one would take much space on your server and according to the service agreement of Google translate, you should delete the cached translated pages within 15 days to avoid any violation. Wait for a post to check how you should delete those cached pages from your server.

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