hideIf you wish that your files should not be easily visible to others on common PC say shared with friends or family, you can make the files invisible on Windows with a simple command on command prompt.

This trick would hide the files so that

– the files would not be visible to Ctrl + A

– the files would not be visible in case the “Show hidden files and folders” option is enabled

– the files would not be visible to Winrar or Winzip also

Below are the very simple steps in which the files can be made invisible on windows:-

1. Go to command prompt thru Run and then typing cmd, press Enter

2. For example you need to make the file D:/test/myProfile.txt invisible (thus, the location of the file is in test folder on D drive)

3. The prompt would be at some different location or path say C:\Documents and Settings\Tejaswini>_

On the prompt type cd.. –> press Enter –> type cd.. –> press Enter –> type d: –> press Enter –> type test –> press Enter

Now your prompt would be at location D:\test>_

4. Type the command attrib +h +s +r filename.extension i.e. in our case attrib +h +s +r myProfile.txt

This would make the target file i.e. myProfile.txt hidden or invisible.

5. The action is reversible, and you can use the command attrib -h -s -r myProfile.ext to make it visible again


  • This command can only make a file and not a folder hidden or invisible
  • The hidden file is visible on command prompt like using the dir command.
  • If you want to make a folder invisible you can either Winzip or Winrar it and then you can make it invisible as now it would be in the format filename.ext. If not,read this to try a trick to make folders hidden or invisible on windows.

Some of you might be well aware of this trick, but hope it helps some like me, who just learn it! You can share your experiences and issues in the comments section. I would definitely like to dig more on this topic.

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