At the time of revision or analysis, you need to compare two documents for finding out the changes. If the document is large enough and having loads of data then it is really difficult to find the changes thru naked eyes. For that,Microsoft Office is having the Compare feature using which you can compare the content of two different documents and label the changes with a name. You may also compare HTML, RTF (WordPad) data thru this compare option.

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To compare two documents, open Microsoft Office Word and click on “Revision” tab in Word 2007.There you can see “Compare” option on right side of the menu bar. Using that option, you may compare two different documents or same document merged by different authors. Here we are taking an example of comparing two different documents, So i clicked on “Compare two versions of a document”. Now select the original document and the revised document from your local computer and provide a label name to track the changes. Click OK to compare the documents. Now you would have multiple documents on your screen under same window where you can see the changes and rectify the issue.

Here is the screenshot of comparison of a document having two changes:

compare_documents There are lot many other options, online applications to compare a document but if you need to compare HTML, DOC, RTF, DOCX etc, you can compare them using Microsoft Office Word Compare option. Below attached video tutorial would help you understand the comparison process on Word 2007,

YouTube Video | Compare Documents

Please share your way of comparing documents and HTML files using other platforms or applications.

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