Microsoft Office 2010 Beta has been released and you can download and try the Professional Plus beta version. Office 2010 is having lot many new features including inbuilt “Screenshots” feature thru which you can take screenshot of any window on your computer and attach that into the document without installing any other software. You can also save that screenshot on your local machine for future usage.

Download Microsoft office 2010 Beta – Professional Plus

Screenshot Tool is an easy to use option on Microsoft Office 2010 to take screenshots and here is the step by step guide on how to use that feature.

Screenshot Taken from Screenshot Tool on Office 2010 Word


Step by Step Guide

We are taking Microsoft Office Word 2010 in this example:

1. Open a document or blank document on Microsoft Office Word 2010


2. Go to ‘Insert’ tab and click on ‘Screenshot’ option available besides the Chart option (10’th position from left on menu bar)

3. It will show you the active windows on your computer. If you want to take a full snap of those active windows, then select the windows from the list

4. To take a screenshot of selective area only, Click on ‘Screen Clipping’ option at the bottom

5. Recent window on your computer will become active (faded window) and you can select the area to take screenshot

6. Screenshot will be copied to your Microsoft Office Word document

7. You can change the format and design of that screenshot image from the ‘Format’ Picture Tool on Menu bar

8. Save the screenshot on your local computer by right click on image ===> select ‘Save as Picture’ from menu

You can use Screenshot feature on other applications like PowerPoint and Excel on Office 2010. Here is the location of Screenshot Tool in these applications.

Screenshot Tool in PowerPoint


Screenshot Tool in Excel


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