Google docs is the market leader, Adobe Buzzword is best suitable for powerful users and Zoho is handy and full of features. Common point between them is that they all three are best available online documentation platform. Once you will start using them, you can’t resist to share your journey on these tools.Here we have explained a proper way to use Google Docs, Adobe Buzzword and Zoho,google_docs_beta_logo

We will start with the market leader i.e. Google Docs

You can start using Google Docs by using your Gmail ID and password. Below is the screenshot of the online document editor Google Docs. Some features are explained in the document as well,


Below is a document created in Google doc is shared. You can use <iframes> to show the Google doc on your blog, the URL for this doc is “ “.



Features of Google Docs:

  • Create a new documents, spreadsheets or presentations online
  • Upload your existing docs and make the changes
  • Share the doc with others to work together or review
  • Control the access of documents
  • Publish them on your blog or embed them using URL

Here we have embedded a nice YouTube video which will explain you the need of Google Docs.


Like other application from Google, this is also a very clean and sophisticated application which can be use by users with normal competencies.

Now we will talk about the powerful platform for online documentation which is “Adobe Buzzword”,



Adobe Buzzword is having a killer looks and it is way ahead of its competitors in this area. Unlike Google Docs, Buzzword runs in Flash, which might be problematic for users with older PCs or those with slow Internet connections. Flash implementation gives Buzzword a snazzy interface and some advanced editing and formatting features.



Below is the Dashboard of Adobe Buzzword,


Below embedded document is created by using Adobe Buzzword. You will have to use <iframe> to embed the Adobe Buzzword documents (same as Google Docs).



Features of Adobe Buzzword:

  • You can create word documents online
  • Share them on Adobe Connector where you can chat with the users as well
  • Because of Flash platform, there are lot many options for editing
  • Buzzword provides full text and paragraph formatting, headers and footers, page numbering, endnotes, and keyboard shortcuts, none of which are currently available with Google Docs.
  • You also get a running word count, inline spell-checking as you type, the ability to insert comments, and a history of revisions made to a file.

Final words about Adobe Buzzword is, if you are having an older PC or a slow internet connection then don’t go for Adobe Buzzword but if you are on the other side then use this application and impress your boss and colleague.


Last but not least, the next online documentation platform is Zoho,

Zoho offers you all the standard editing and formatting features, as well as page numbering, headers and footers, footnotes and endnotes, table of contents, and other advanced features not found in all other web-based word processors. Zoho Writer also offers robust sharing and collaboration features, just as you find with Google Docs.

Here is the dashboard of Zoho Docs,


Features of Zoho Docs are as below,

  • You will find everything related to word document in this platform
  • Use your Zoho ID for spreadsheet, presentation, word docs and lot many other purposes
  • Use your Google or yahoo account to access Zoho



We are done with the use and features of Online documentation platforms. The conclusion from our side is that you can go for Adobe Buzzword in case your PC supports Flash and having a good speed on internet. Anyone can go for Google docs, it is having good features for simple usage and sharing. Zoho’s look is not so much impressive but power users with slow connection can go for that.

Please let us know your favorite platform for online documentation.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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