Adobe CS3 collections is a bunch of products used by professional as well as common users. Lot many people search for a good video tutorial for these products as visual description is always betterthan printed one. Adobe has created a very professional collection of video tutorials for these products.

Imagine a workshop where you get a video tutorial for every product from Adobe like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, flash etc. After the release of CS3, Adobe launched a tutorial workshop for the developers or users where they will find the video tutorials developed by Adobe professionals only. That means direct from the organization.

Link for the Adobe Workshop is as below:

Adobe Video Tutorial Workshop

Once you enter in the workshop, you will find the screen as below:

Adobe workshop

Here you can see that there is a Product List column where all the products (only CS3) of the Adobe Softwares are listed. You need to select the product first and then go to the second column where list of the topics related to the selected product will appear. Select the topic of your interest. Your topic may have more than one titles associated, so please select the title from the list of titles present on the third column. Now the video tutorial will appear on the screen. Click on the Play Video button on the right bottom corner of the screen.

You can also download the video tutorial by clicking on the “Download Source Code”button on the same  screen (below the Play video button).

Enjoy the visual classroom from Adobe.

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