When you are making any online transactions thru your computer, you can track or monitor the programs which are behaving suspiciously on your computer. Or you can block or allow them as per your need, that means, if you are aware of the program and know that the program is trusted one, you may allow them from the blocked list. Norton Internet Security or other security software installed on a computer keeps track of these activities to make your online transaction safe.

I was looking into the options available on Norton Internet Security, and there is a option to monitor programs while making an online transaction. Norton will block those programs if found suspicious. If you are well aware of the program then you may unblock or allow them. I strongly recommend installing these security software on computer before making any online transaction like payment thru credit card or bank account.

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In Norton Internet Security, click on the “Setting Options” link available on the main window. Now a new window will open where you can find “”Transaction Protection” option available at the end of options listed on the window in left panel. There you can see “General Settings” which can be used to monitor the transaction activities. That means the window will show you the programs which are blocked while making the online transactions.

This window will help you tracking suspicious programs on your computer i.e. risky programs installed on your computer which may track your financial transaction details.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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