For high end gamer or application user, the processor speed is very important. If your processor is little bit slow for these application and you don’t want to upgrade the same then go for overclocking of the CPU. This will increase the processing speed of your current CPU. First of all you should understand the basics of Overclocking and CPU processing.

The CPU’s processing speed is calculated based on the following formula:

frontside bus x multiplier = processor speed.

Frontside Bus is generally referred as FSB. So, If you increase the multiplier or FSB, the processor speed will increase. Take an example:

Current CPU speed 450MHz:

It means your CPU’s FSB is of 100MHz and multiplier is 4.5, that means you can change the multiplier to 5.0 and your CPU’s processing speed will become 500MHz or change the FSB to 133MHz and your CPU’s speed will become 598.5MHz.

How to do the same:

These changes can be achieved thru the BIOS setup of your motherboard. Enter the bios by pressing DEL at the startup. Go to the CPU menu and change the FSB or multiplier over there. You are done with the overclocking.

Risk in Overclocking:

The main risk in overclocking is Overheating. You need to put extra fan or CPU heatsinks.  Always increase the speed in step by step method where you should check whether the machine is booting properly or high end application are running or not. System can crash by overclocking the CPU with high value.

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