scan-email and create_galleryIf you are having an email account with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL or any other service provider with IMAP support, then use the free service from 2pad to retrieve the images from your mailbox and create an image gallery with the same.

You need to sign up with your email id and password and then a pop up message will appear which states that “Link for the image gallery will be sent your email account within a few hours” depending on the mailbox size.


Once you will receive the  link, you can have a look on the gallery. If you want to take a look without receiving the link, then enter in your account on 2pad and check for the INBOX. You can see the gallery forming over there,

The following options are available on 2pad gallery,


Share the images

File in album

Order Prints


If you are not having some secured data in your mailbox, then I thin this is a good idea to have a gallery for the images so that you can have a look on them thru a slideshow. Attached below is the screenshot from my account on 2pad where you can see that if you will hover on the images, it will show you the sender name and date as well.

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