gmail_logo Whenever you go for a vacation and not available for checking emails then you should use Auto Response to send replies to those incoming messages and mail within that period. Microsoft Outlook is already having this feature but if you are a Gmail user and want to send the auto reply to incoming message then you can do that by using “Vacation Time” tool.

Vacation Time is a small tool in Gmail Labs thru which you can send auto response to each and every incoming messages within that period. To enable the tool in your Gmail, Go to the Settings and then Labs tab. Enable the “Vacation Time” tool from there and save the changes.

Settings/Labs/Vacation Time

gmail_vacation_time Now you can see the Vacation Responder under Settings/General tab. here you can provide the details about “Start date” for vacation and the “End date”. You can provide a specific message for your vacation time and you can also re-direct your clients or boss to other collogues in your company. This way you can help your clients or boss to know your status and when you will be available for work.

Settings/General/Vacation Responder


This type of small changes shows your professional approach towards your work and it also build a long term relationship with your clients.

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