browsershots_logo BrowserShots is an online service where you can test a website on different browsers, screen sizes, Flash, JavaScript and Color Depth. It is really helpful when you are doing some design changes in your website or designing a new website all together.

Here you need to provide the URL of the current website and then you can choose the browsers from the list of around 100 browser’s versions. You can set the screen size of your choice to see whether it is fitting properly over there or not. They have also provided options to check a website on Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems.

Screenshot: Select browsers in BrowserShots


You can use Google Analytics to check the distribution of your visitors so that you can see how many of them usage Windows, Linux and Mac. you can also see the distribution for browsers and screen sizes in Google Analytics.

Once you will submit the URL after selecting desired browsers, it will redirect you to another  page where they will start uploading different copies of your website as per different browsers. It will take time because they regularly process so many requests. you can copy the URL of that page and coma back after 15 – 20 minutes.

This way you can test a website’s looks and feel on different browsers and then rectify the issues if found. Finally you will have a website compatible with any of the browser or screen size.

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