Microsoft Office is the mostly used and very user friendly documentation platform. Here we are going to talk about three very important tips for those who uses excel 2007 very frequently.

Many Worksheets but very little space to navigate

If you are working on a complex excel workbook which is having many worksheets, it is very much tiring to navigate to the next worksheet by pressing the next button. The problem is when you have to navigate from the first worksheet to the last or last but one. Think about the scenario where you get a list of the worksheets on your workbook to select. Yes, it is possible in excel by Right-Clicking on the tab navigation button and the list will appear. Have a look on the screenshots below:

The workbook with multiple worksheets will look like this where you can see the tab navigation button at the left side of the list.


When you Right-Click on the tab navigation button, the list of worksheets attached in the workbook will look like the image below:


The key-board shortcut for doing this operation is CTRL+PageUp for the previous sheet in your workbook, while CTRL+PageDown for the next one.

Good looking conditional formatting for your list: Automatically

Think about a scenario where you have to send a list of attendees who are probably coming for a function. Excel 2007 has the feature for creating a good looking spreadsheet for this type of scenario. Since Excel is a worksheet, so it’s activities depends on the numbers, not the text. Create a list with the name of the team members of a project. Now put ‘1’against the person who are going to attend the function and put ‘0’against others. your spreadsheet will look like the image below:


Now select the range of the list (second column) from start to end, and go to the Conditional Formatting tab of Home. Go to the Icon Sets and click on ‘3 Symbols (Uncircled)‘. After that your list will have symbol as well as 0,1. Go to the Conditional Formatting tab and click on Manage Rules. There you need to check the box “show icon only” in the Edit Rules section. After that your list will appear as below:


Wow, what a sheet. You will get this kind of reaction from your client after sending the sheet. you can even filter the column based on the colour condition.

Reports in Pivot table

Pivot table is very useful and extensive feature of Microsoft Office Excel. You can create a report, group the data, and play with the data by doing so many things. Learn the Pivot table thru the article “The Report generator in Microsoft Excel: Master the Pivot table in minutes“.

You will see the changes in your excel experience after using the above tips in your day to day life on Excel 2007.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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