doublevision Many times you do some data entry or other tasks which don’t require much attention from you. In that case you can watch a video (transparent) as a background and continue working on the document by using Double Vision.

Double Vision is a browser like software ( size ~2MB) which let you play Hulu, YouTube or other format video using Internet. You can make the player transparent, so that it will look much smoother while working. Below are some features and reasons for having Double Vision,


  • Transparent Video : You can change the opacity of the video playing on Double layer. You should be able to see your document (say excel, PowerPoint etc.) to work on that, that’s why you need to change the opacity to make the player transparent.
  • dv4 Mute and Hide on click: If you are working in an office where your boss may visit you anytime. In that case you need a hot key to hide and mute the video. You can do that in Double Vision as well.
  • Change the theme to suit your need: YouTube needs a different looks for video so does Hulu. This browser is having an option to change the theme automatically based on the input video URL.

Below attached is the YouTube tutorial created by us to help you understand the browser Double Vision better. We used a YouTube video of “Matt Cutts – Webmaster Tool”  and a dummy excel sheet to show you how to use Double Vision,

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By Sanjeev Mishra

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