If you want to become a SEO webmaster and need to know the details about a website from A to Z then go ahead and install SeoQuake SEO extension on Mozilla Firefox browser. There are lot many features of SeoQuake which will turn you into a webmaster and then you can analyze keywords, page rank (PR), Back links etc for a webpage.

seoquake_extension_seoThere are two different parts in SeoQuake. One is SEO Bar which can been seen on the top of the page and will include details like “Page Rank, Back links, Yahoo Links, MSN Links, Alexa Traffic Rank, Complete Rank,  Price” etc for a webpage which is open in the browser’s tab.

And the other part is details about SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) where if you will open Google and search for a keyword then SeoQuake will provide you details about every result ages. 

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You can customize the way it works and looks. If you don’t want to provide the information automatically for every page then go for on click result where the details will appear after your click on the term. Say if you want to see the page rank of webpage, then click on page rank field and it will show you that one. This way it will not slow down your internet speed at the time of opening the page.

Here is some screenshot to show you the looks of SeoQuake SEO Bar and SERPs details.

SERP Details on Result Page:


SEO Bar On Firefox


seoquake_seo_bar If you go for lot many options provided by SeoQuake by right clicking on the window. It will show you the details about Domain Name, Keyword Density etc on a single click. Try SeoQuake by installing it on your Firefox browser and then you can the changes in your webmaster performance.

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