Create Poll On Twitter Using Polldaddy Twitter Poll

There are lot many ways to make your tweets more interactive on Twitter. One of the most effective way to do this is share a poll question. You can ask your followers to vote for a simple question and make your twitter account more interactive. You will definitely get more followers after this initiative. To create a poll in a minute, You can use Polldaddy Twitter Poll.


Polldaddy Twitter Poll is very simple way to create a poll sharable on Twitter account on single click. Once you will open the poll page, you will have to fill up a form having section for question and then answers options. Then enter your twitter account details to share the poll on your twitter account.

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Here is the screenshot of the poll created by me.


Short URL created by Polldaddy for the particular poll was:

You can try Polldaddy or any other poll creator to create a poll for twitter and make your account more interactive. 

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