Twitter users share lot many useful links and updates thru 140 character space and as time passes by, those updates moved down in the list. If you want to store those updates on your local machine, that will be a Wikipedia kind of portal. There are lot many ways to archive or download the Tweets from Twitter for any user. Here I will show you how to create an archive of tweets from different users in a convenient format like PDF, XML, HTML or Text.

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Download Tweets

Twitter Tweet in PDF/XML/HTML/TXT Format

Sourceforge has hosted an Open Source project named “Twitter To PDF” which is Java Environment based project thru which one can download the Tweets of any user in PDF, XML, TXT or HTML formats. This project is still in beta version and there are some bugs which will be fixed in a month or so but still the programs works properly. Here you need to provide the Twitter IDs in a text file named as “Following.txt” and then start the BAT file. After doing that, it will land you to a page with URL as “http://localhost:8080/twitter-to-pdf/”. There you can see the list of IDs appearing in the left panel. Click on Twitter ID to get their updates. From there you can download those updates on your system in PDF format.


Tweets in PDF


Dave Winner Formula for OPML/HTML Format

To archive the Tweets in OPML format (XML), you can use the tool developed by “Dave Winer” of RSS fame. Dave formula works on OPML editor where you can organize the tweets from different users in a structural way on your local machine or cloud server like Amazon S3. To do that, first of all you wil have to install OPML editor on your machine. It is available to download for Windows as well as Mac. Follow the link below to get the information about OPML editor Download and Install.

OPML Editor

Now follow the instruction mentioned for the tool created by Dave named as “Twitter Calendar”. Here is the link for Twitter Calendar.

Twitter Calendar by Dave

HTML Format


XML Format


By using this tool, you may create an archive of tweets from different users in XML format. Here is the archive created by Dave with different IDs. Browse the IDs and then year or month to check the archive online. His archive is hosted on Amazon Cloud.

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