near_twits_beta Many people are using Twitter now a days even celebrities are there, but if you want to know who all are on twitter near by your location then “Nearby-Twits” is your answer.

Use this web based search engine to find out people from your city or locality who are using twitter. You can provide the distance range in which you want to search for twitter users. You can also provide the keywords to search, for example I tried on my twitter account with “Technology” as a keyword and location as “Pune, India” within a range of 300 miles. Here is the result,


Go ahead and try to find out people to make them follower or you can follow them as well. Create your social network within your city. This way you can have social networking with new faces from your nearby location. There you can twit about the latest developments in your geographic location and discuss the same with them on twitter. Same location people always have some kind of emotional feeling which you can get by using nearby tweets.

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By Sanjeev Mishra

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