If someone try to access your twitter account with wrong password for more than certain limits then you account will be locked out. Same thing happened with me today and I was not able to access my twitter account even thru any third party application like Tweetdeck or direct thru Twitter site. Now that was really frustrating for me as I always share contents from my blog or other sources on my twitter account. The message was appearing as below:


Locked Out!

We have temporarily locked your account after too many failed attempts to sign in. Please chillax for a few, then try again.

As per the Twitter help guide, it takes an hour to unlock he account and if someone will again try to access your account with wrong password, the account will get locked.

Other possibility of locking a twitter account is, Password update. If you have changed your Twitter password recently but there are third party applications which are still trying to access your twitter account with old password then they may lock your account. So as per twitter help guide, you should deactivate those services for a while and ten access your unlocked account and again activate those services after updating the password over there.

But if you are a professional blogger who blogs around 6 – 7 posts a day and have set so many third party applications to share twitter posts on different platforms like facebook, other feeds etc then after the unlock status, these applications may again lock your twitter account with lot many hits with older password. And to deactivate the access for your twitter account thru these applications, you will have to enter in your twitter accounts “Connections” tab and revoke the access level. Here is the simplest way to access the locked account and revoke the access to these applications.

Reset Your Password to Access Locked Twitter Account

Yes, You can access your twitter account even in locked status by updating your password. To reset your twitter account password, go to the below mentioned address.


After entering your twitter ID, you will get a link in your mailbox to enter new password. Enter a new password or your old password and then you may click on the button “Proceed to my account”. Now that link will take you to your twitter home page. Go to the “Settings” option and then “Connections”. Revoke the access level for third party services or you can update your password to your old password so that these applications will not face any difficulties.

Done! This way you can access you locked twitter account and start tweeting rather than chillaxing. Share your thoughts on this trick to access locked twitter account.

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