There are so many tools available to update or manage the status changes on Twitter. Twitstat came up with the list of Twitter clients which are used most for this purpose. Below is the top 50 clients with their usage details:

Sr. No.RankClient% of usersTweets/user
1(1)web32.09 %4.54
2(2)TweetDeck11.81 %5.90
3(6)Tweetie4.84 %2.40
4(3)twitterfeed4.56 %2.96
5(4)twhirl4.56 %2.96
6(7)txt4.47 %2.25
7(5)twitterrific3.26 %1.77
8(10)TwitterFon3.07 %2.30
9(11)TwitterBerry2.88 %2.39
10(9)mobile web2.42 %2.62
11(8)TwitPic2.33 %1.36
12(16)Brightkite2.14 %1.48
13(14)FriendFeed2.05 %4.45
14(12)Ping.fm1.95 %1.48
15(13)TwitterFox1.95 %2.05
16(17)Power Twitter1.49 %5.75
17(19)Twitstat Mobile0.74 %3.12
18(20)Blip.fm0.74 %2.38
19(15)Mobypicture0.65 %1.43
20(21)Twittelator0.65 %1.43
21(62)ninjatweet0.56 %7.67
22(33)EventBox0.37 %1.75
23(18)m.slandr.net0.37 %3.50
24(66)TwitterHawk0.37 %1.00
25(43)TwitKit0.28 %1.33
26(24)Twinkle0.28 %1.00
27(30)Tweetburner0.28 %1.33
28(51)SocialScope0.28 %1.67
29(38)DestroyTwitter0.28 %1.67
30(22)twibble0.28 %4.33
31(29)TinyTwitter0.19 %5.00
32(35)TweetGrid0.19 %4.50
33(55)Tumblr0.19 %2.00
34(25)Identica0.19 %1.50
35(105)Socialbrowse0.19 %1.00
36(34)dabr0.19 %5.50
37(40)twitthat0.19 %1.00
38(107)Perl Net::Twitter0.19 %16.50
39(41)twidroid0.19 %2.00
40(77)PockeTwit0.19 %6.50
41(39)HelloTxt0.19 %2.00
42(96)NatsuLiphone0.19 %4.00
43(28)iTweet0.19 %1.50
44(48)foxytunes0.19 %1.00
45(58)BeTwittered0.19 %2.00
46(61)Tweetree0.19 %2.00
47(54)Ubiquity0.19 %2.00
48(42)Twitter Grader0.19 %3.50
49(27)TwitterBar0.19 %2.00
50(68)Mobile Tweete0.09 %2.00

*Complete list is here

The complete list is for 100 clients which is available on Twitstat for your reference. I am using Twitterfeed for updating my Twitter status with the latest post on Internet Techies. But I find Tweetdeck the most useful and brilliant Twitter desktop tool which is now available as Google Chrome extension in Web Store. There you find features like listing and URL shortening etc. as well.

Apart from Tweetdeck, Hootsuit and Seesmic are also very good Twitter client. You may try these applications on your computer to update the status on Twitter. Most of these applications work across all operating systems, that means you can have Tweetdeck on Windows as well as Mac OS.

Please let us know your choice from the list above which you uses for Twitter status update.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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