chris_pirillo group_tweeple When you follow so many people on twitter and you know that the updates from some of them are really good and you don’t want to skip them. In that case you should group those people and give some name to that group. Now you can get their updates in a separate window. RT them, reply them and create a fruitful social network of yours. Above mentioned screenshot of followers is from @chrispirillo who is following more than 60K people on his twitter account.

TweetDeck is having option to group some people and get their updates in a separate window. Since their updates and links are really important and similar to your niche then RT them and reply them to show some RT love to your link as well. So basically you start managing your twitter account such that you will never skip an update from your favorite tweeple.

Here is the screenshot from my TweetDeck where I created a group called “Indian Bloggers”, I get the updates from some of my favorite tweeple and RT their links as well.

It is very easy to create a group in TweetDeck, you just have to click on the “Group” button provided above the status bar in TweetDeck and then a new column will appear.


That column will ask you to enter the name of the group and then select people from the list (appeared on the same column) of people whom you are following currently. I create the group as “Indian Bloggers” and getting their updates in a separate column. The group is currently having around 50 people, its now easy for me to actually following those people.

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