One of the most successful twitter client TweetDeck is preparing its application for all mobile platforms. As TweetDeck for iPhone and iPad is already available for download but still missing some major platforms like BlackBerry, Android etc. As it is difficult for TweetDeck team to release and maintain different application setup for different platforms, that’s why they are building up a mobile browser application named TweetDeck Mobile Web so that anyone using any mobile platform can use TweetDeck thru their browser.

As pr the announcement by TweetDeck,


tweetdeck We’re also working on a mega-project to bring the next generation TweetDeck to Android (more on that soon).

Really though, that’s not enough. There are hundreds of millions of you out there happy with your BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile or handmade, jewel encrusted Linux Smartphone. You need TweetDeck on your mobile and you need it now. We hear you.

Several months ago we embarked on a secret mission to develop a cross-platform full-featured mobile TweetDeck. We looked at a lot of options and after much deliberation decided the best way forward was to build an amazing version of TweetDeck to run on mobile web browsers.

Lot many of you re using TweetDeck on your desktop for publishing content on twitter or facebook accounts and you will me more than happy to use the same platform on your mobile device. If synchronization of account thru TweetDeck account will come then that will also be beneficial to the users.

TweetDeck Mobile Web is the name of this product thru which you can access TweetDeck on your mobile phone same as using it on a browser. As Mobile browsers are getting so many updates these days like HTML5 inclusion, which makes the browser the most powerful application on your computer or mobile. By using that application, you will be able to use TweetDeck on mobile phone.

TweetDeck team is expecting to start the beta testing with some of you. To get enrolled for this testing, you will have to provide your twitter ID and the reason why you want yourself in the testers list. Comment with these details in the following forum thread and enroll yourself for TweetDeck Mobile Web testing.

Wish you all the best TweetDeck team for this new application.

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