tweetdeck Twitter List is a new feature enrolled in Twitter where you can create a list of your favorite tweeps and let them create a list as well. You can also see who has created a list with your name included. TweetDeck is one of the most used third party client for twitter and facebook but still its users are waiting for the update to come with twitter list integration. Seesmic and Brizzly has already come up with the twitter list integration in their latest update.

According to one of the tweet from TweetDeck team,

Lots of great questions around Twitter lists – we are all over them, *full* integration & interoperability will be available shortly

                                                      – TweetDeck Team on Twitter

Even in their latest blog post, they have mentioned that TweetDeck team is very excited about the new feature and will roll out the complete integration of Twitter List in TweetDeck very soon. Current version of TweetDeck is V0.31.3 and there are speculation that in next week TweetDeck will release an update probably as V0.31.4 where they will provide integration with Twitter List.

Hope to get a nice integration and interface of Twitter List on TweetDeck.

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