Everyone is singing “Waka Waka – This Time for Africa” for the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2010 and so is Twitter. Finally Twitter created a dedicated page for FIFA World Cup where it shows the current matches, schedule and tweets related to different countries participating in this ultimate soccer tournament.

Twitter World Cup page is having a beautiful layout showing flags of different countries. Twitter shows live tweets on the “View Match” section for each match.

twitter world cup

How does Twitter Decide Tweets Related to FIFA World Cup

Twitter decides the tweets for this World Cup page by hash (#) tags. There are 32 teams playing in this tournament and twitter decides tweets based on the “three letters abbreviation” for countries participating in this game. Here is the list of three letter abbreviation for countries,

#arg #aus #bra #chi #civ #cmr #den #eng #esp #fra #ger #gre #hon #ita #jpn #kor #mex #ned #nga #par #por #prk #rsa #srb #usa

Another hash tag is #worldcup which is also appearing on this dedicated page for FIFA World Cup. Right now you can see lot many people have already started spamming these hash (#) tags and their tweets are appearing on the page. But if you are looking for tweets related to ongoing world cup then you can checkout this dedicated page created by Twitter.

You can always watch ongoing FIFA 2010 World Cup matches Live Streaming on your computer but if you want to see real time tweets then this Twitter page is definitely a good place for the same.

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