If you are launching a brand new website on your domain, your website is under construction or you are just redesigning your old website, you would definitely like to keep your visitors updated about that with a cool landing page. Site Under Construction is such a free one page HTML template that you can use to show that your site is under construction and you will be back very soon, ask visitors to stay tuned andย subscribe to the site so that they would be updated once the site is up and fully functional.

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Features of Site Under Construction HTML Template

1) You can put your own logo by making one line change

2) It has a very cool jQuery countdown timer

3) It has a very cool jQuery slider which will contain your social network links, email subscription form that will send the email to you and a small info about you and your website.

4) Professional design

5) Detailed help document explaining the steps involved included within the download

5) And it is completely free!!!

[recommended]This HTML template is thoroughly tested by Internet Techies, and we find it completely functional. [/recommended]

Though there is the help document included with the html template, I would like to highlight two changes, as I got those issues while installing the theme on my server.

1) How to set the countdown timer

To set the countdown timer, the procedure explained in the help document looked very complex for me, I was actually not getting how should I modify the timer to suit my requirement. I just customized the one line code, and I got it working easily.

Have a look at the below screenshot of index.html code:

I just replaced the indicated code (refer above screenshot) in the index.html file with the below code

[code]var austDay = new Date("January 15, 2011 12:00:00")[/code]

Now change the date in the code with your website’s launch date. Alas, it seems easy to me ๐Ÿ˜‰

2) PHP error while the form for email subscription was submitted with valid email address

On line 58 of the emailform.php file, I got a PHP error as the PHP opening tag was written as <? rather than <?php, as my server does not support this kind of opening tag format for PHP. I had to replace the tag and I got it working ๐Ÿ™‚

Do let me know if you made it work for you thru the comments section below.

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