Copyright and licensing is very important on web especially for content and pictures which are easy to download and copy. You can protect your online photos by adding watermark of copyright information and even your own website’s address. There are lot many digital watermark software available, some are paid and few of them are free as well. But if you are connected to the Internet, you can use web applications which can add watermark of your choice on photos and let you download the final outcome in seconds.

On web, I found PicMarkr as really effective tool for photo watermark. Apart from locally hosted photos, it can also watermark the photos from online portals like Flickr, Facebook and Picasa.

One can add single line text watermark, image watermark and tiled watermark using this online tool. There is also an option to locate the watermark on the final picture, that means you can choose to put the watermark on top, bottom, right, left or top-left and similar places on the picture. Here is how the final output looks with simple text watermark.


There are many other online places to add watermark on pictures for free. One of them is Watermarktool which can also add watermark easily by just uploading the image.


If you are using screen capture tools like SnagIt for taking screenshots, you can use the Watermark filter in the application as well. Photoshop users can easily create and add more customized and beautiful watermarks but these software are not free. They are good for professionals who need to use watermark for branding purpose as well, but so simple protection and website branding, these online image watermark tools are sufficient.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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