Apple iPad is a revolution in tablet industry, and after the success of iPad, all market players are now like to taste the success of their tablets. If you are not having an iPad, don’t worry, at least you can feel that on web using a simulator. We are talking about an online simulator of Apple iPad where you can slide the screen, see the apps listed on home screen, working home buttons and sleep button, correct time etc. Google Maps works fine in that simulator. Don’t try browser, as it will be open a browser inside a browser, so your original browser will show a warning message.  Earlier we had shared how to install Android on PC to feel the mobile OS released by Google. Now you can feel the iPad on web to see the option and screen.

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It is well known fact that experience iPad is reality is much better than these simulators. But at least you can feel that. Most of the apps are not working yet, but as per the developer, those may work in future.

Are you waiting for iPad 2 which is expected in first half of this year? Or you may plan to purchase iPad now as now you can find iPad at so much discounted rate on eBay or Amazon.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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