Are you looking for the best online to do list manager? On Internet Techies, I have listed more than 50 online to do list managers, you can find the link for the list below:-

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But before you go for the one, you must be clear of the features that you need from your to do list manager. Below are the 12 important features that you can have in your online to do list manager.

[ad id=’7′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′] 1) Clean and easy user interface: The user interface plays a very important role when it comes to any web application. What we need is we should forget the web app platform and just remember our purpose. For an online to do list manager, it should have a clean and easy to understand UI so that we should not tangle with the UI and forget the actual task i.e. manage our to dos and tasks and organize the work.

Many to do list manager apps on web today are having support to keyboard hotkeys, so that you should be quick to create a to do or process it. For example, some to do list managers provide the feature to use Ctrl+A to create a new to do quickly, so less mouse clicks and more things done ūüôā

2) Priorities : Some to dos are very urgent and with high priority, some are a must do but with a medium priority and some are with low priority i.e. can be done anytime and less impact if not done (nice to have). To assign the priority to the things to do is a very important feature to look for when you are choosing the best online to do list manager.

3) Due dates: If there is  a deadline attached to the to do, your to do list manager should show that to you, so that you do not miss it. Check if you need this feature before finalizing your to do list manager.

4) Reminders: Do you want to get the reminders when your to do is due or after specific interval? May be you would want it on your email or as an SMS on your mobile, whatever. If this is your requirement, you should look if your chosen to do list manager has this feature.

5) Notes: You might want to add small notes to a to do once created. For example, if your to do is to bring groceries, you would definitely want to add the list of groceries which you do want to buy. So, these are the notes or comments for the to do.

6) Categories and tags: Some to do list managers provide the feature that you can create different categories and then you can create or classify the to dos under those categories. For example, ‘Home’ can be one category which can include all the to dos for home related work, ‘Project A’ can be different category, which will contain all the to dos under that specific project and so on. Categories are a very very good feature, because they make your to dos classified in groups, so that you can decide what needs to be done where and when.

Some of the to do list managers do not provide categories, rather they provide the ‘Multiple Lists’ feature i.e. You can create any number of to do lists. In this case you can create one to do list named ‘Home’, another named ‘Work’ and so on. You definitely do not need categories then.

Same is the case with tags. In some online to do list managers, you get the feature to add the tags to the to do or the task created. Then you can sort the tasks on the basis of tags and have tag cloud and so on. This is a good feature for the people like we bloggers who are used to the tag concept.

7) Sub-tasks: Say you have a category named ‘Project A’, you created a task named ‘Create a theme for the project web page’ under this category. Now this task has child tasks like, ‘to create the design’, ‘get it approved from the manager’, ‘to code the design’, ‘to test the theme’ and so on. So either you can create all separate tasks, or you can use the ‘sub-tasks’ feature and put all these sub tasks under the main task i.e. ‘Create a theme for the project web page’. There are some advanced to do list managers those provide the feature to create the sub-tasks.

8) Calendar representation: Some to do list managers show the to dos in calendar format as well, so that you can have the ‘week view’ or the ‘Month view’ of the calendar and have a look at all your important tasks to be done.

9) Performance statistics: Some advanced to do list managers do provide the stats depending upon how many to dos were completed on time and how many were delayed, how many are pending and how many were cancelled.

10) To do filters: Do you want the filters like ‘View Today’s tasks’, ‘delayed Tasks’, ‘This week’s tasks’ and so on. Some to do list managers do provide this kind of filters, in case you need them.

11) Sharing/Collaboration: Want to share your to do list with your spouse or partner or the team member? Many to do list managers provide this feature to help you share your particular to do list with others.

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12) Synchronization with mobile devices: Now-a-days, this seems to be very necessary feature as our mobile has now become a smart phone with 24 hours internet connection and has all the facilities that can make it a computer. So if you want to carry your to do list everywhere and manage your to dos, mobile is the best solution. But for that you should look for a to do list manager that has been optimized for a mobile device. Then only you get a fully synchronized to do list on your laptop as well as your smart phone like an android or iPhone.

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Though some simple to do list managers do not cover all the above  features, still they are useful for those who want a very simple to do list, similar to their diary. Nothing more than that. So note down what all features you actually need from your to do list manager, and just select the one having those. Do not go for the complex solutions, if you do not need those features. Because eventually, you will end up in confusion due to lot many features. Finally the choice is yours!!!

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