Most of the time we spend on Internet searching things. We search on Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Google News etc. for different purposes. If you want to save some time by using one service to perform search on these places using command line, then here is the solution to do so. Command line search is available on web to input different commands in input box, and will give you desired result from selected search operator.

Earlier we discussed about single page search for Bing and Google, but here on command line services one can search on multiple location by changing the command line shortcut. Youbnub is such a command line search operation service where you just need to hit the search by entering a pre-defined command for different search locations. For example, to search “iphone app for maps” on google, you will have to enter “g iphone app for maps” on command line. Now a search result page of Google will appear for your searched keyword. Similarly, you can search YouTube by using “yt iphone app for maps”.


Here is the command shortcut for different locations for Yubnub,

Google g Google News gnews Yahoo! y
Wikipedia wp Technorati tec Amazon am
CNN cnn Weather for zip code weather eBay ebay allmusic tag deli Flickr flk
ESPN espn Yahoo! Stock Quote stock Dictionary ( a

There are few other command line services as well. For example, you can use Goosh to perform search on Google powered services. You just need to type “h” on command line of Goosh to get help on different commands applicable in this service. Thru Goosh, you can search Google Blogs, News, Maps, Wikipedia, Google Video and you can also open a URL thru such commands.

goosh search

Anyway, try these command line search engines or search options and share your experience with us.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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