Are you a traveller? If yes, then use your smartphone to share with friends a trip map (animated) with photos, music, stories. You just need to open a web application thru mobile browser or you can use Foursquare (location based social app) or Twitter to create such map. For example, if you started your trip of Chandigarh from Pune (India) then you can add stories of in between places like New Delhi, Mumbai etc. You can also upload photos related to these places taken by your mobile phone or digital camera. Now you need to upload those stories and photos on Tripline which will create an animated map of your current trip. You can share that map with your friends and family.


Tripline is well connected ti social media app like Foursquare, Twitter, Tripit, Gowalla etc. thru which you can create maps by just using these services on go. For example, you can add locations on your animated map by just check in thru Foursquare. Isn’t it great.

Example of animated map of Costa Rica 2010 Trip

Here is a example map added by a user of Tripline where he travelled Costa Rica in 2010. He also added few photos, videos etc. and his experiences explained in simple words.

If you are having a smartphone with you, then you can try Tripline on go to create and share animated maps of locations in your trip. A video is easy to share and easy to explain to others about the trip. By using this kind of service, actually you can have your memory for long time for that trip.

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