furly_logo There are unlimited numbers of short URL service available on Internet and we have discussed lot many major players over here but this time it is not only about short URL service but a sideshow of selected multiple URLs as well.

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fur.ly is a short URL service where you can create a short and single URL for multiple URLs. You must be thinking that how the other URL’s will be shown and accessed. I tried with fur.ly and found the following,

  1. Enter a URL on he home page for which you want to create a short URL
  2. JavaScript runs and create a new form on the same page for asking about another URL for which you want to create a short URL
  3. You can do this for unlimited numbers of URLs
  4. Click on Go to create a short URL
  5. It will show you a single and short URL for all of those long URLs provided by you
  6. Try that short URL and you will find that it is opening a window with a bar at the top of it
  7. You can navigate to other pages thru bar which are compressed in the same link.
  8. You can also open the second page in other window



This is a smarter way of shortening a URL and it is useful when you are planning to send more than one URL to your friends or family.

Video Demo For Creating Single And Short URL

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