cutmypic_online_image_crop We need to crop and customize images lot many time in a day. There are lot many software and web application to do the same but here I am going to talk about the simplest and easy web application to do the same online in seconds.

Cutmypic is an online application to customize the images by cropping. You just need to locate the image on your local machine and then you can crop it within seconds and save back to your local machine. Image quality remains the same, just size of the image changes.


Web Application – cutmypic

You can also add shadow on your uploaded image and change the corners to make them rounded or circular. This small application is really looking good for image customization.

 cutmypic_example You can see the new size of the image and preview of the same as well. Drag the shadow line to increase or decrease the shadow darkness. Once you are done with the customization, you can send the image as email or you can save the final image to your local disk. There are lot many web application for image optimization, but you can also use cutmypic for the same purpose.

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