I plan so much before executing them to minimize the consequences. If you are planning to set up a new home office or want to design the interior of your bedroom, living room, kitchen etc. then try the virtual designer online on your computer and then execute the plan accordingly. Once you will have a final plan for new setup, you can buy items and place them according to your virtual layout to have the same look. I was looking for some online places or software to design the virtual office for my new home office and found really interesting web application which is available for free.

To design a home office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, entertainment hall etc., you can try Icovia Room Full Express application available online. Here you will find furniture, fixtures, appliances etc. to place them as per your need into the plan layout for different rooms. This service is not for free, but you can create the layout without paying anything and then just take the screenshot and write all the attributes on printed document. This way you can save the premium charge (something like $29.00 per month) set by them.

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You can do this kind of virtual designing on Photoshop or any other designer tool as well, but here you are provided with ready items which are drag and drop to setup in your new office or other layout. To know the attributes like length and width, item name etc. just click on the item and you will see an icon as ā€œIā€, click on that to get these information.

If you know about any other cool online virtual office or home interior designer platform, then share that thru comments section.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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