Time is changing rapidly and life is more or less turning towards online communities and activities. Parents can keep track of their baby’s essential activities by just logging into a free online tracker where you will have every information related to baby’s feedings, diapers and sleep.

baby_motherBabyLogger is a free online application where you can configure the timing at once and then track the activities of baby by keeping the tracking sheet in your hand. You can download the tracking card created by you and then keep track of everything related to your baby. Features of BabyLogger are as below:


  • Keep track of Feeding time
  • Diaper change notification
  • Sleep Time notification
  • Fully customizable
  • Handle multiple babies
  • Automatic activity clock
  • Download the tracking card

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If you are facing any difficulty related to the operation of BabyLogger, get the help from here. It is really important to keep track of baby’s essentials and if you are having a reminder in your hand then it will really make it easier for you.

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