We use Facebook and we are on the policy ‘And One More Friend Today’. So now we have many many friends on Facebook, and when we feel to share some pictures with only our family members, that draws a question mark in our minds. So either we would need to group the friends, which is also a very good option or better we don’t share a private picture on Facebook. What we know is, there are lot many privacy issues and possibilities on social networking sites, which prevent us from connecting to basic people in our lives i.e our family members.

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So why not create a separate portal, just for the family…strictly! Family Connections is a open source family website software that you can use for this purpose. Yeah, it is very easy to set up and customize and you have all the control over who have access to what along with many interesting and cool features and decent looks.

What can I do with Family Connections??

[ad id=’7′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′]1) Share photos on the Photo Gallery

2) Communicate with friends and family on the Message Board

3) Keep track of reunions, birthdays and anniversaries on the Calendar

4) Store addresses and phone numbers in the Address Book

5) Create a blog with the Family News section

6) Share your favorite side dishes, desserts and more on the Recipes section

How can I maintain Privacy?

You, as the administrator, have a complete control over your Family website. You can make your site public, allowing everyone to join or you can keep it private and allowing only family member to join. You also have the minute control over the family member accesses i.e. you can limit a members access to ‘view only’ or ‘can upload images’ or you can grant all access to the members.

Server Requirements

1) PHP: 4.4 or later

2) MySQL: 4.1 or later

3) GD Library: 2.0

So go ahead and download the web application, and move it on your server. You may not need a main domain to install the application, you can create a sub-domain or subdirectory on your main domain and just make your family stay connected, updated and together.

Demo Download

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